Monday, August 27th

Catherine Cesarsky Cosmology with Large Telescopes: an ESO-centric view (pdf)
Rashid Sunyaev The Richness and Beauty of Physics of Cosmological Recombination
Roberto Maiolino The evolution of the mass-metallicity relation at high-z
Andrew Bunker Star Formation and the Stellar Mass Density at z~6: Implications for Reionization (ppt - pdf)
Rodger Thompson NICMOS Measurements of the Near Infrared Background (ppt - pdf)
Daniel Stark Constraining Star Formation at z>7 (ppt - pdf)
Xiaohui Fan Observational Constraints of the Epoch of Reionization (pdf)
Eli Dwek The Evolution of Metals and Dust in the high-z Universe (pdf)
Michele Trenti From the veryvery first stars to z~6 supermassive black holes (ppt - pdf)
Daniela Calzetti Measuring Star Formation in Local and Distant Galaxies (pdf)
Simona Gallerani Was the universe neutral beyond redshift six? (ppt - pdf)
William Forman Outbursts from Supermassive Black Holes (ppt - pdf)

Tuesday, August 28th

James Peebles Successes and challenges for the standard cosmology (pdf)
Max Pettini Lyman Break Galaxies: a Ten Year Perspective (pdf)
David Koo Recent Highlights from the DEEP & AEGIS Surveys (pdf)
Karina Caputi The optical spectral proper ties of 24 micron galaxies in the COSMOS field
Paolo Tozzi Tracing the distribution and evolution of Metals in the IntraCluster Medium (pdf)
Matthew Colless Cosmology from Large-Scale Galaxy Surveys (pdf)
Adriano Fontana (Clues on) The Origin of Massive Galaxies (pdf)
Jason Prochaska Probing the ISM of High z Galaxies with GRB Afterglows (pdf)
Ruben Salvaterra The GRB Luminosity Function in the light of Swift 2-year data (ppt - pdf)
Riccardo Giovanelli ALFALFA - The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Extragalactic Survey (An Exploration of the z~0 HI Universe) (pdf)
Martha Haynes ALFALFA: The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA Survey - The Search for (Almost) Dark Galaxies and their Space Distribution (pdf)
Massimo Tarenghi Global International Project: The Atacama Large Millimiter/submillimiter Array - A new cosmology tool (ppt - pdf)

Wednesday, August 29th

Olivier Le Fevre Galaxy evolution from the VIMOS VLT Deep Survey (ppt - pdf)
Danilo Marchesini Assessing the predictive power of galaxy formation models (a comparison of predicted & observed rest-frame optical LFs at 2 < z <3.3) (pdf)
Rychard Bouwens Galaxy Buildup in the First 2 Gyr: The Evolution of the UV LF from z~8 to z~4 (ppt - pdf)
Alberto Fernandez-Soto The ALHAMBRA Survey: First results (ppt - pdf)
Manuela Magliocchetti Environmental propertier of z~1-3 AGN and starforming galaxies: the Spitzer view on clustering evolution (ppt - pdf)
Michele Cirasuolo Exploring the formation epoch of massive galaxies (ppt - pdf)
Bianca Garilli The assembly of stellar mass during the last 10 Gyr: VVDS results (ppt - pdf)
Marc Huertas-Company Morphology of z~1 galaxies from deep K-band AO imaging in the COSMOS field (ppt - pdf)

Thursday, August 30th

Jeremiah Ostriker The Role of Simulations in Cosmology (ppt - pdf)
James Dunlop Galaxy formation & evolution: the far-infrared/sub-mm view (ppt - pdf)
Piero Madau Galaxy formation and dark matter substructure
Mauro Giavalisco Multi-wavelength Observations of Galaxies at z>~2 (ppt - pdf)
Laura Douglas Large Scale Structure at the End of the Dark Ages (ppt - pdf)
Stefano Cristiani The CODEX-Espresso experiment: cosmic dynamics, fundamental physics, planets and much more... (pdf)
Martin Rees Growth & implications of black holes at z > 6 (pdf)
Adam Riess Expansion and Acceleration from Standard Candles (ppt - pdf)
Wendy Freedman The Carnegie Supernova Project (ppt - pdf)
Claudio Grillo Cosmological parameters from strong gravitational lensing and stellar dynamics in elliptical galaxies (pdf)
Marc Davis The Growth of LSS in a Dark Energy Dominated Universe (ppt - pdf)
Sara Salimbeni The red and blue galaxy luminosity function in the GOODS field: evidence for an excess of red dwarf
Agnieszska Pollo The VIMOS-VLT Deep Survey: 10 billions years of evolution of the Large Scale Structure (ppt - pdf)
Elena Mikheeva A solution of the cusp problem in relaxed halos (ppt - pdf)
Vladimir Strokov On the Lagrangian theory of cosmological density perturbations (ppt - pdf)
Elizabeth Stanway Ultra-Deep Spectroscopy of Lyman Break Galaxies at z~6 (ppt - pdf)
Matt McQuinn Studying Reionization with Ly-alpha Emitters (ppt - pdf)
Kazuaki Ota The Reionization and Galaxy Evolution Probed by z=7 Ly-alpha Emitters (ppt - pdf)
George Sonneborn Baryonic Content in the Warm-Hot IGM at Low Redshift (ppt - pdf)
Benton Metcalf The gravitational lensing of pregalactic 21 cm radiation (ppt - pdf)

Friday, August 31st

John Mather Cosmic Background Radiation, Cosmology, and the James Webb Space Telescope: JWST (ppt - pdf)
Paolo de Bernardis From BOOMERanG to B-Pol (pdf)
George Smoot The Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation Anisotropies: Their Discovery and Utilization (ppt - pdf)
Dorothea Samtleben Measuring the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR) polarization with the Q/U Imaging ExperimenT (ppt - pdf)
Aleksandra Kurek Chasing Lambda (ppt - pdf)
Filippo Frontera The cosmic X-ray background level at its emission peak (ppt - pdf)
David Cline The Search for the Origin of Dark Matter (ppt - pdf)
Marco Bersanelli Present and (near) future CMB observations from space (pdf)
Bernard Sadoulet Dark Matter: At the brink of a discovery? (pdf)
Gregory Vereshchagin (From) massive neutrinos and inos and the upper cutoff to the fractal structure of the Universe (to recent progress in theoretical cosmology) (ppt - pdf)
Henk Hoekstra Cosmic shear results from CFHTLS (ppt - pdf)
Luigi Guzzo Measuring dark matter and dark energy from redshift-space distortions at z=1: early results from the VVDS-wide survey
Saul Perlmutter Observationalist optimism for progress on Dark Energy
Vladimir Lukash Cosmological model: from initial conditions to structure formation (pdf)
George Efstathiou Where are we going in Cosmology? (ppt - pdf)


Ummi Abbas HOD in the VVDS
Lorenzo Amati EDGE: Explorer of Diffuse Emission and GRB Explosions
Dominic Benford Measuring Cosmic Expansion and Large Scale Structure with Destiny
Micol Bolzonella Evolution of the luminosity functions in the red bands from a K-band selected sample in the VVDS (pdf)
Marco Castellano Large Scale Structure at High Redshift in the GOODS Field (ppt - pdf)
Simone De Gregori Sunyaev- Zel'dovich Effect towards clusters of galaxies for tracing CMB temperature (pdf)
Roberto Della Ceca The cosmological properties of the absorbed and unabsorbed population in the XMM-Newton Hard Bright Survey
Sven De Rijcke Post-starburst galaxies and the galaxy color bimodality
Claude-Andre Faucher-Giguere Precision Measurements of the Ly-alpha Forest from High-Resolution Quasar Spectra
Philippe Ferrando Simbol-X: a new generation hard X-ray telescope (pdf)
Joern Geisbuesch Cosmological SZ surveys and cluster magnetic fields
Maria Gomez-Flechoso The cosmological origin of the satellite distribution (pdf)
Katarina Kovac The zCOSMOS three-dimensional density field to z ∼ 1
Marcella Longhetti Testing different stellar mass estimator at 1 < z < 2 (pdf)
Benton Metcalf The gravitational lensing of pregalactic 21 cm radiation (pdf)
Arturo Mignano Probing the Nature of EROs through ASTRO-F/AKARI observations (pdf)
Lorenzo Morelli Stellar populations in bulges of spiral galaxies
Kazuaki Ota The Reionization and Galaxy Evolution probed by z = 7 Lyman Alpha Emitters
Sergey Pilipenko Simulated evolution of the DM LSS (pdf)
Agnieszka Pollo Star formation in galaxies in different environments from the joint GALEX-CFHTLS data
Mattia Righi The clustering of merging star-forming haloes: dust emission as high frequency arcminute CMB foreground (pdf)
Massimo Robberto SPACE: the SPectroscopic All-sky Cosmic Explorer (pdf)
Beatriz Ruiz-Granados Modelling the Galactic Magnetic Field using CMB data (pdf)
Cristiano Sabiu Resolving the Universe with Multifractals (pdf)
Paola Santini Star formation and mass assembly in high redshift galaxies (pdf)
Paolo Saracco The evolution of the morphological scale of early-type galaxies since z = 2 from HST-NICMOS observations (pdf)
Paola Severgnini The Spitzer view of the X-ray obscured Universe
George Sonneborn Baryonic Content in the Warm-Hot IGM at Low Redshift
Johannes Staguhn Science Case for a 2 mm Bolometer Camera Optimized for Surveys of Dusty Galaxies in the High Redshift Universe (pdf)
Elena Tundo SMBH Mass Function from velocity dispersion and luminosity
Eleni Vardoulaki The brightest radio sources in the Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Field (SXDF)
Donald Wilson "Stay the Course" Cosmology?